Interview Prep Session

We know that the interview process can be stressful. We're here to help! 

Whether you're looking to explore new opportunities, or want to polish your skills for an upcoming job interview, get in touch - our network of People Ops partners are happy to help.


Christina S

Christina is the founder of PeopleOps - a network of people operations and HR professionals who share advice, resources and lessons learned to help inspire others to build and grow their respective companies. In 2012 she joined MediaCore, an ed-tech startup company, leading all aspects of people operations, recruitment, and growth.

Magda R

As the People Operations Administrator for KANO|APPS, Magda is a proponent of having a good work/life balance. She offers a new way of looking at typical 9 to 5 tech jobs.

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We are committed to seeing people thrive.  We offer career coaching services to help facilitate your professional goals, look at what is possible for you, and co-create actionable steps to get there. This includes all that the resume and online presence review offers plus:

  • DISC and Values profile explained
  • Career exploration
  • Interviewing skills & confidence building
  • Creative job search strategies
  • Evaluating prospective employers
  • Salary negotiations